Manufacturers of Plain and Printed Plastic Bags
High performance films can provide unique solutions to a variety of packaging
problems.  With multi-layered films, different resins can be combined to take
advantage of the unique properties of each resin.

For example, our
Extreme-Duty film shown below combines the high tensile
strength of HDPE with the excellent puncture resistance of a metallocene
enhanced LLDPE to create an extremely tough film for bagging
Mulch, Fertilizer,
Stone, Humus, and Topsoil.
NOTE:  This picture
is color-enhanced
to show structure.  

Colors available are:
  • Clear
  • White
  • Custom-Color

The extra strength of this film enables a significant gauge reduction compared to standard
single layer (monolayer) films most commonly used today.  
Savings of up to 20% are attainable
using this type of material.

In addition to extra strength, the different resin types enable the bag to have a high slip
inside layer - to facilitate easy loading of product - while having a low slip outside layer for
stacking bags on a pallet.

(Example of 3-Layer Technology)
This diagram shows a side view of the three-layer film
technology that KG offers.  The types of resins, colors,
and properties can be combined in hundreds of variations
to provide solutions for the most demanding applications.
Give us your biggest challenge and let us find the solution.
 The films of the future are here today.  
Allow us to show you how we can improve your flexible
packaging performance and reduce your costs.