Manufacturers of Plain and Printed Plastic Bags
Machinery Choices
There are several inexpensive ways to close a bag, from simply folding the
top over and taping or stapling it, to fully automatic loading and sealing
systems.  KG offers a few of the most popular choices for securing your
products inside a bag.
On this page you will find information about:

  • Table Top Sealers
  • Bag Openers
  • Foot-Operated Sealers
  • Heavy-Duty Sealers
  • Band Sealers
  • Tape Closure System

Wicket bags are typically used with a bag
opener such as the one pictured below.
Now available with a magnetic holder that
provides for consistent, even pressure and
seal dwell time.
HOW IT WORKS:  The stack of wicket
bags is placed into the holder and a blower
fan opens the bag on top of the stack.

Once the bag is filled and detached from
the wicket, the next bag on the stack pops
open.  Loading speeds up to 60 per
minute or more are common.

The bag can then be heat sealed, taped
closed, or twist tied with one of the devices
listed below.  
The Foot-Operated Sealer
leaves both hands free to
hold the package.
The Foot-Operated Sealer
is also available with a Hot
Stamp Imprinter to print date
codes, lot numbers, etc.
HOW IT WORKS:  A foot-operated sealer is
activated by depressing the foot pedal.  This draws
the clam-shell type seal jaws together and activates
the heat sealer.  If the hot stamp printer is used,
the imprint is stamped onto the bag during the
sealing cycle.
Heavy-Duty Bag Sealer
for large bags of Mulch, Fertilizer, Soil, etc.

Ideal for dusty or dirty environments typical when packaging
these items.  Foot switch and stand included.  
Shown with optional conveyor.
Optional Support Shelf
for Heavy Bags (if the
conveyor isn't used).
Horizontal Band Sealer
with stand.
Portable, Table-Top Band Sealers
HOW IT WORKS:  Bags are filled and then placed on the
conveyor belt that draws the bag through to seal it. This
style of sealer also enables the top of the bag to be
trimmed off as it is sealed, for a flush-cut, attractive retail
bag seal.
Ideal for Wicketed or Flat bags.  
Twist the top of the bag and slip into
the slot.  The machine automatically
wraps the tape around the twisted
plastic and cuts it off to the correct

Available in a variety of sizes to seal bags
up to 20" wide and virtually any length.