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Wicketed Bags

Wicketed Bags are bags that are stacked and held together on a metal wicket that acts as a dispenser.  There is a lip (usually 1.5") where two holes are punched that enable the wicket to hold the bags.  Rubber grommets hold the stack of bags securely on the wicket.

Wicket Bags are typically used for high-speed loading applications.  We have several pieces of machinery that are capable of loading and closing wicket bags.  

The most popular closure methods are heat-sealing, twist tie, and tape closure.

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Common Applications

  • High-Speed Bakery Lines for bread and buns.
  • Potato Bags, Apple Bags, Orange Bags, and other Produce bagging applications.
  • Hosiery Bags (socks, t- shirt bags, under garments, etc.)
  • Ice Bags

All Wicket Bags are available with:

  • Bottom Gussets
  • Reclosable or Permanent Adhesive tape closures
  • Hang Holes
  • Vent Holes
  • Perforations
  • Headers
  • Just about anything you can come up with

Bag Openers

Wicket bags are typically used with a bag opener such as the one pictured.

HOW IT WORKS:  The stack of wicket bags is placed into the holder and a blower fan opens the bag on top of the stack.

Once the bag is filled and detached from the wicket, the next bag on the stack pops open. Loading speeds up to 60 per minute or more are common.

The bag can then be heat sealed, taped closed, or twist tied.  See our machinery selections for more information on closing a bag.

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